Ghetto Gaggers Baby Momma Day

Another one bred for the Vaccinated Vandal to fill with his sperm. He gave her a massive load on that special day, and we won’t be surprised if she gets pregnant soon. How many of the black women we bred will take it to the finish line and say “hey darling, you were conceived during the filming of Ghetto Gaggers by the Vaccinated Vandal?” It looks like one-third of them are starting to show, according to what’s being said on Black Twitter. This ghetto diamond took that white guy in every hole she had, until her face was almost unrecognizable. Double penetration ensued as they tried to feed that white penis right into her mouth. They even put an anal hook in her ass which was connected to her collar so she couldn’t move without feeling pain. When his cum came out of her pussy they made sure she tasted every bit of it. She looked shy as she had no choice but to swallow a lot more jizz, because all this slutiness really embarrassed her.

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Ghetto Gaggers